Marsh Fly
 (Trypetoptera canadensis)

Band-winged Crane Fly
 (Epiphragma fasciapenne)

Horse Flies
 (Tabaninae sp.)

Common Green Bottle Fly
 (Lucilia sericata)

Flesh Fly
 (Sarcophaga sp.)

Longlegged Fly
 (Condylostylus sp.)

Robber Fly
 (Dioctria hyalipennis)

Robber Fly
 (Atomosia puella)

Robber Fly
 (Efferia aestuans)

Peacock Fly
 (Callopistromyia annulipes)

Picture-winged Fly
 (Delphinia picta)

Frit Flies
 (Thaumatomyia sp.)

Drone Fly
 (Eristalis arbustorum)

Narcissus Bulb Fly
 (Merodon equestris) male

Drone Fly
 (Eristalinus aeneus)

Drone Flies
 (Palpada sp.) male

Syrphid Fly
 (Orthonevra nitida)

Hover Fly
 (Allograpta obliqua) female

Hover Fly
 (Epistrophe grossulariae) female

Hover Fly
 (Toxomerus marginatus) male

Hover Fly
 (Toxomerus geminatus) female

Elongated Hoverflies
 (Sphaerophoria sp.) female

American Hover Fly
 (Eupeodes americanus)

March Fly
 (Bibio sp.)

Zeal Flies
 (Zelia sp.) adult

Feather-legged Flies
 (Trichopoda sp.)

Japanese Mosquito
 (Ochlerotatus japonicus) female

Tiger Crane Fly
 (Nephrotoma sp.)

Crane Fly
 (Tipula trivittata)

 (Minettia sp.)

Marsh Snipe Fly
 (Rhagio tringarius) female

Fruit Fly
 (Euaresta bella)

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