Longbodied Cellar Spider
(Pholcus phalangioides)

Pirate Spider
(Mimetus notius)

Mesh Web Weavers
(Dictynidae sp.)

Eastern Parson Spider
(Herpyllus ecclesiasticus)

Ground Spider
(Sergiolus capulatus)

Cribellate Orb Weaver
(Uloborus glomosus)

Running Crab Spider
(Philodromus sp.)

Woodlouse Hunter
(Dysdera crocata)

Dwarf Spider
(Hypselistes florens)

(Pityohyphantes sp.)

Filmy Dome Spider
(Neriene radiata)

Bowl and Doily Spider
(Frontinella pyramitela)

Cobweb Spider
(Theridion sp.)

Common House Spider
(Parasteatoda tepidariorum)

Cobweb Spider
(Enoplognatha marmorata)

Longjawed Orb Weaver
(Tetragnatha sp.)

Orchard Spider
(Leucauge venusta)

Jumping Spider
(Zygoballus sp.)

(Phidippus insignarius)

Bold Jumper
(Phidippus audax)

Bold Jumper - Bryantae variation
(Bryantae sp.)

Bright Jumper
(Phidippus clarus)

Jumping Spider
(Phidippus princeps) adult

Jumping Spider
(Habronattus coecatus)

Jumping Spider
(Habronattus decorus) adult

(Sitticus sp.)

Zebra Spider
(Salticus scenicus) adult

Jumping Spider
(Platycryptus undatus) female

White-jawed Jumping Spider
(Hentzia mitrata) male

Dimorphic Jumper
(Maevia inclemens) female - adult

Jumping Spider
(Naphrys pulex)

(Anyphaena sp.)

Ground Crab Spiders
(Xysticus sp.)

Northern Crab Spider
(Mecaphesa asperata)

Leaflitter Crab Spider
(Ozyptila sp.)

Goldenrod Crab Spider
(Misumena vatia) adult

Nursery Web Spider
(Pisaurina mira)

Shore spider
(Pardosa milvina)

Wolf Spider
(Allocosa funerea)

Grass Spiders
(Agelenopsis sp.)

Sixspotted Orbweaver
(Araniella displicata)

Cross Spider
(Araneus diadematus) adult

Twobanded Antmimic
(Castianeira cingulata)

Striped Lynx
(Oxyopes salticus)

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