Arched Hooktip - Hodges#6251
(Drepana arcuata)

Scalloped Sack-bearer - Hodges#7659
(Lacosoma chiridota)

Orange-tipped oakworm moth - Hodges#7719
(Anisota senatoria)

Polyphemus Moth - Hodges#7757
(Antheraea polyphemus)

Snowberry Clearwing - Hodges #7855
(Hemaris diffinis) adult

Hummingbird Clearwing - Hodges#7853
(Hemaris thysbe)

Boxwood Leaftier - Hodges#5552
(Galasa nigrinodis)

Spotted Peppergrass Moth - Hodges#4794
(Eustixia pupula)

Hodges #5160
(Desmia maculalis) adult

Acorn Moth - Hodges #1162
(Blastobasis glandulella) adult

Cosmopterix Moths
(Cosmopterix sp.)

Ailanthus Webworm Moth - Hodges #2401
(Atteva punctella) adult

Tiger Moth
(Apantesis sp.)

Banded Tiger Moth - Hodges#8170
(Apantesis vittata)

Isabella Tiger Moth - Hodges #8129
(Pyrrharctia isabella) caterpillar

Banded Tussock Moth - Hodges#8203
(Halysidota tessellaris)

Silver-spotted Tiger Moth - Hodges#8209
(Lophocampa argentata)

Virginian Tiger Moth - Hodges#8137
(Spilosoma virginica) caterpillar

Large Yellow Underwing - Hodges#11003.1
(Noctua pronuba) caterpillar

Eight-spotted Forester - Hodges#9314
(Alypia octomaculata)

Green Leuconycta - Hodges#9065
(Leuconycta diphteroides)

The Hebrew - Hodges#9285
(Polygrammate hebraeicum)

White-marked Tussock Moth - Hodges#8316
(Orgyia leucostigma)

Gypsy Moth - Hodges#8318
(Lymantria dispar) Caterpillar

False Underwing - Hodges#8721
(Allotria elonympha)

Mottled Prominent - Hodges#7975
(Macrurocampa marthesia)

Horned Spanworm Moth - Hodges#7010
(Nematocampa resistaria)

Small Engrailed - Hodges#6597
(Ectropis crepuscularia) Caterpillar

Saw-wing - Hodges#6724
(Euchlaena serrata)

Winter Moth - Hodges#7436
(Operophtera brumata) Female

Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth - Hodges#7698
(Malacosoma disstria)

Orange-patched Smoky Moth - Hodges#4639
(Pyromorpha dimidiata)

Tortricid Moth
(Olethreutes sp.)

Banded Olethreutes
(Olethreutes fasciatana)

Black-patched Clepsis Moth - Hodges#3686
(Clepsis melaleucana)

Maple Leaftier - Hodges#3501
(Acleris forsskaleana)

Oak Leaftier Moth - Hodges#3503
(Acleris semipurpurana)

Himmelman's Plume Moth - Hodges#6092
(Geina tenuidactylus)

Banded Hairstreak - Hodges#4282
(Satyrium calanus) caterpillar

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