Eastern Yellowjacket
 (Vespula maculifrons) female

German Yellowjacket
 (Vespula germanica) female - worker

Baldfaced Hornet
 (Dolichovespula maculata)

Common Aerial Yellowjacket
 (Dolichovespula arenaria) female - worker

European Paper Wasp
 (Polistes dominula) female

Northern Paper Wasp
 (Polistes fuscatus) female

Mason Wasp
 (Parancistrocerus perennis)

Mason Wasp
 (Parancistrocerus pedestris)

Mason Wasp
 (Euodynerus megaera)

Potter Wasp
 (Eumenes fraternus)

Potter Wasp
 (Ancistrocerus gazella)

Mason Wasp
 (Monobia quadridens)

Willow Sawfly
 (Nematus sp.) Juvenile

Grass-carrying Wasp
 (Isodontia mexicana) male

Great Golden Digger Wasp
 (Sphex ichneumoneus)

 (Philanthus gibbosus)

 (Cerceris nigrescens)

 (Cerceris arelate)

Weevil Wasp
 (Cerceris atramontensis)

Sand Wasp
 (Bicyrtes quadrifasciatus)

Square-headed Wasp
 (Tachytes aurulentus)

Ichneumon Wasps
 (Ichneumonidae sp.)

Ichneumon Wasp
 (Ichneumon annulatorius) Male

Giant Ichneumon
 (Megarhyssa nortoni) male

 (Cynipidae sp.)

Velvet Ant
 (Pseudomethoca frigida) female

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