Snout Mite
(Neomolgus littoralis)

Banded Hairstreak - Hodges#4282
(Satyrium calanus) caterpillar

Orange-patched Smoky Moth - Hodges#4639
(Pyromorpha dimidiata)

White-jawed Jumping Spider
(Hentzia mitrata) male

White-jawed Jumping Spider
(Hentzia mitrata) female

Leaf Beetle
(Sumitrosis inaequalis)

Elongate-bodied Springtail
(Pogonognathellus bidentatus)

(Hyloniscus riparius)

Middle Barklouse
(Mesopsocus unipunctatus) nymph

Middle Barklouse
(Mesopsocus unipunctatus) Adult

Black-patched Clepsis Moth - Hodges#3686
(Clepsis melaleucana)

Viburnum Leaf Beetle
(Pyrrhalta viburni) Larvae

Ant-like Weevil
(Myrmex chevrolatii)

(Agallia lingulata)

Woodlouse Hunter
(Dysdera crocata)

Ant-guest Leafhopper
(Xestocephalus fulvocapitatus)

(Neohermes concolor)

Hood Casemaker
(Molanna ulmerina)

(Aphrophora salicina) Head

(Aphrophora salicina)

Pecan Spittlebug
(Clastoptera achatina)

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