Eastern subterranean termite
 (Reticulitermes flavipes) worker

Dusky Cockroach
 (Ectobius lapponicus)

Wood Cockroaches
 (Parcoblatta sp.) nymph

Summer Fishfly
 (Chauliodes pectinicornis) male

 (Neohermes concolor)

European Earwig
 (Forficula auricularia)

 (Coniopterygidae sp.)

Green Lacewing
 (Chrysopa oculata)

Brown Lacewing
 (Micromus posticus)

Wasp Mantidfly
 (Climaciella brunnea)

European Mantis
 (Mantis religiosa)

 (Panorpa confusa)

Common Burrower Mayfly
 (Hexagenia limbata)

Hood Casemaker
 (Molanna ulmerina)

Longhorned Caddisfly
 (Leptocerus americanus)

Four-lined Silverfish
 (Ctenolepisma lineata)

 (Cacopsylla annulata)

Woolly Aphids
 (Eriosomatinae sp.)

Large-Winged Psocid
 (Ectopsocopsis cryptomeriae)

Shaggy Barklouse
 (Teliapsocus conterminus)

 (Trichadenotecnum alexanderae)

Narrow Barklouse
 (Graphopsocus cruciatus)

Middle Barklouse
 (Mesopsocus unipunctatus) Adult

Lizard Barklouse
 (Xanthocaecilius quillayute)

Honey-wing Barklouse
 (Valenzuela flavidus)

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