(Aleyrodidae sp.)

Blackberry Psyllid
 (Phylloplecta tripunctata)

Brown Ambrosia Aphid
 (Uroleucon ambrosiae)

Large Milkweed Bug
 (Oncopeltus fasciatus) adult

Smaller Water Strider
 (Microvelia pulchella)

Assassin Bugs
 (Reduviidae sp.)

Assassin Bug
 (Fitchia aptera)

Assassin Bug
 (Rocconota annulicornis) juvenile

Pennsylvania Ambush Bug
 (Phymata pennsylvanica) female

Pale Green Assassin Bug
 (Zelus luridus) nymph

Eastern Boxelder Bug
 (Boisea trivittata) adult

Scentless Plant Bug
 (Harmostes reflexulus)

Twice-stabbed Stink Bug
 (Cosmopepla lintneriana)

Stink Bug
 (Banasa dimiata)

Juniper Stink Bug
 (Banasa euchlora)

Spined Stink Bug
 (Podisus maculiventris) adult

Leaf-footed Pine Seed Bug
 (Leptoglossus corculus)

 (Mirinae sp.) nymph

Two-spotted Grass Bug
 (Stenotus binotatus)

Tarnished Plant Bug
 (Lygus lineolaris)

Rice Leaf Bug
 (Trigonotylus caelestialium)

Peanut Burrower Beetle
 (Pangaeus bilineatus) adult

Long-necked Seed Bug
 (Myodocha serripes)

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